Hope in Depression

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I have been running the Hope in Depression course for over 5 years now, which educates, empowers and equips sufferers of depression and or anxiety and their supporters/carers. 

This course is 6 weeks long and is free. We have highly educated experts in their field speaking each week alongside stories of hope and recovery. 

Our speakers are a psychiatrist who speaks during medication and brain chemistry week, therapist/counsellor for therapy week, a nutritionist for nutrition and self-care week, a Christian mindfulness instructor for mindfulness week and a fitness instructor for the fitness week. There are many other subjects covered during the course also, (sleep, technology and work/home life balance).

These courses are only run in churches to support their communities. We are a Good Samaritan course, coming alongside sufferers - our aim is not to evangelise but to offer practical help for those suffering. 

We received charitable status as of last July 2018 and are now formulating a course pack with filmed speakers so that the course can be available for all churches. We have run the course 26 times in 7 churches over 3 counties and served over 700 people. 

God bless, 

Lisa Owens 

CEO - Hope in Depression

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