What is Hope in Depression?

Hope in Depression is a 6 week course that offers practical, professional proven advice and information. 

The programme will explore a different aspect of living with depression every week through testimonies of hope and recovery, alongside talks from highly experienced speakers who are passionate about educating while empowering.

Our speakers will include a psychiatrist who will talk on brain chemistry, how medication works, and what else we can do to grow our brains. We also have a therapist who will explore the different styles of counselling and therapy, what is expected in a therapy session, and what other resources are available out there.

There will also be speakers who will talk about the ways lifestyle can impact depression, including a nutrional therapist, a christian mindfulness instructor, and a personal trainer.

Our course is unique as it is not only for those who suffer with depression, but it's also designed to help the supporters of sufferers. This includes Churches pastoral care teams.

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