Lisa's Story

Hope was out of reach for me when I suffered with depression.


I remember feeling numb and exhausted, but never hopeful. I was in a deep,

dark hole and I saw no way out. The thought of getting better was overshadowed

by thoughts of survival - living one minute to the next.


Eventually I battled my way back to health, with the aid of medication,

therapy and healthy lifestyle changes. When I did feel like myself again,

I was so relieved to experience life after depression that I thought my suffering,

my battle and my recovery could have a God-given purpose.


I wanted to share a message I didn't believe for a long time: you can get better.


This was in 2013 and over the next few years I worked with my church and an

amazing community of volunteers to create a course that would help

educate and empower those suffering with depression & anxiety.


I called it Hope in Depression.


I have been well for many years now and believe that what I have

learned through the development of this course has kept me well.

My purpose is sharing that hope and knowledge with the world.


Depression is an isolating illness and I do not want anyone to suffer alone.

It's ironic that our first response to feeling depressed is to isolate ourselves,

when in fact community is the first step to recovery.


Being open and sharing our experience can show us a light at the end of the tunnel.


As a team we believe that everyone matters and

I hope you will see that for everyone: there is always HOPE.


Lisa Owens, CEO






















Our Story

October... We run our first course! 4 leaders and 9 attendees at Christ Church Virginia Water.

January... We run our first course outside of our local church at St John's in Egham - 29 people attend.

September... We are now running the Hope in Depression Course in 5 churches and across 2 counties!

January... Lisa closes her business to volunteer full-time as the CEO of Hope in Depression.

July... Hope in Depression is a registered charity!

June... Our 17th course has just been run successfully by a church partner.

Our Values


Through our Christian Faith, we are motivated by the desire
to meet peoples needs.


Depression is never anyone's fault, no matter what the cause.



We believe in giving advice that is grounded in scientific


For those of all faiths and none; for sufferers and supporters

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