Are you anxious about lockdown ending?

After so many months of sheltering in our homes, avoiding being in close proximity with others, and falling into a pattern of living and working remotely, it is understandable that moving back into the world maybe anxiety-provoking.

There is a great saying for when a task seems overwhelming that applies well here. ‘How do you eat an elephant? bite at a time.’ Here are five ‘bites’ you can take to prepare for reengaging with the outside world.

Bite 1: Reflect on what you have learned during lockdown. Ask yourself some questions,

  • What new habits or routines have I developed that I would like to continue?

  • What have I missed most?

  • What new insights of myself have I gained?

  • What will I do differently?

Bite 2: Invite a trusted friend to your home or garden for a short visit.

Bite 3: Experiment with being in public.

  • Take a short walk on a shopping street.

  • Sit in a park and observe others or read a book.

Bite 4: Visit your place of employment after hours.

  • Walk around outside.

  • Sit at your desk if you can.

Bite 5: Meet up with a friend in a public place.

Above all be kind to yourself chew your ‘bites’ fully and comfortably before you ‘take the next bite’.

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By Wendy Jackson, Integrative Counsellor.

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